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There is a similar question : "Netbeans - Turn off - wavy red underlines - How?" But It's for earlier version, doesn't apply any more.

I still want error to be underscored, just not in the comments, it's now underscoring something like : "buffersize"

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In NetBeans IDE 7.4 RC1 (Build 201309162201), you can disable spellchecking under
Tools → Options → Editor → Spellchecker tab

The settings refer to:

  • C/C++/Fortran Comments
  • GSP
  • HTML
  • JSP
  • Javadoc comments
  • PHP
  • Piain text
  • Properties
  • Script and Make Comments
  • XML


NetBeans: Disable/Enable spellchecker

Here is an example BEFORE and AFTER disabling HTML spellchecking.


NetBeans: BEFORE disabling HTML spellchecking


NetBeans: AFTER disabling HTML spellchecking

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This is explained and illustrated in How to disable red-underline spellchecker in Netbeans 7:

To remove it simply choose Tools → Options → Miscellanous, then in Spellchecker tab uncheck the C/C++/Fortran Comments and press OK. [...]

NetBeans - disable spellchecker: Tools -> Options -> Miscellanous -> Spellchecker tab

The specific result of disabling the spellchecker depends on the target language/syntax of course, but likely this should yield the desired effect.

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