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I want to write code inside the method using JDT's ASTRewrite. I tried using ASTRewrite but its not working. Kindly help. Sample code of my ASTRewrite is below:

public void implementMethod(MethodDeclaration methodToBeImplemented){


    ASTRewrite astRewrite= ASTRewrite.create(astOfMethod);

    Block body=astOfMethod.newBlock();

    MethodInvocation newMethodInvocation = astOfMethod.newMethodInvocation();  
    QualifiedName name = astOfMethod.newQualifiedName(astOfMethod  
            .newSimpleName("System"), astOfMethod.newSimpleName("out"));  

    ExpressionStatement expressionStatement = astOfMethod.newExpressionStatement(newMethodInvocation);  


    astRewrite.set(oldBody, MethodDeclaration.BODY_PROPERTY,  body, null);

    ctcObj.document = new Document(ctcObj.source);

    edit= astRewrite.rewriteAST(ctcObj.document, null);

    try {
    } catch (MalformedTreeException e) {    
    } catch (BadLocationException e) {

I tried using different types of ASTRewrite.set() but it generates either compile time error saying illegal parameters or run time exceptions.

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Next time, please clean your code before you post. I cleaned it this time, but it is hard to read. –  Andrew Eisenberg Aug 12 '11 at 22:53

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You need one more step: Write to file. edit(apply) does not write to file. Example see: Rewrite method incorrectly rewrite change to ICompilationUnit the second rewrite update

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