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I have this divs in my html

<img src="images/cocina1.jpg" name = "main_img" alt="alternate_text" height="250" width="150" />
<div class="imgbox" id="thumbnail_1"> <a href="#" onclick="changeTo1()"><img src="images/cocina1.jpg" alt="alternate_text" height="250" width="150" /> </a> <br />

and the following JS

function changeTo1(){

    var newP = "some Paragraph"
    document.getElementById('id_descripcion_txt').innerHTML = newP;

    document.main_pic.src = "images/medico1.jpg"

    document.getElementById('thumbnail_1').innerHTML = " <a href=\"medicos/medico0.html\"><img src=\"images/cocina0.jpg\" alt=\"alternate_text\" height=%22250%22 width=\"150\" /> </a> <br /> <p>Medico0</p> "


Now, after clicking on the image that calls changeTo1(), the first part of the JS works: the 'id_descripcion_txt' does changes its innerHTML to "some Paragraph", but the other 2 statements, of changing main_pic src and the "thumbnail_1" innerHTML to something else don't work.

Any ideas? Thanks

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main_img should be replaced with main_pic, typo? – Mohsen Aug 12 '11 at 5:19
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changing main_pic src and the "thumbnail_1" innerHTML to something else don't work.

On making the changes,

document.main_img.src = "images/medico1.jpg";


height=\"350\" instead of height=%22250%22

it worked for me.

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It's probably failing on the image change. I think you want this HTML (note marked change):

<img src="images/cocina1.jpg" id="main_img" alt="alternate_text" height="250" width="150" />

And this JS:

document.getElementById("main_img").src = ...

Also, you had different terms for the image ('main_pic' in one, and 'main_img' in the other).

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Are you getting a javascript error? Unless there's a typo in your posted code,


does not exist. Try

document.main_img.src = "images/medico1.jpg";
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If you want to change the one of your image through java script, then use this code, here in this example i have a banner and a text, when i click on the button then banner and text both changed.

             <script type="text/javascript">

                 function changeImgandText()

                  banner.innerHTML = '<img src="img1.jpg"width="100%" height=220>';
                  demo.innerHTML="Pir you are great !";

               <p id='banner'><img src="img2.jpg" width="100%" height=220> </p>
               <b id='demo'>dude</b> </br>
              <input type='button' onclick='changeImgandText()' value='Change Text'/>

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