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I am setting a FK field and saving, but as you can see in the trace log the save doesn't seem to persist in the DB if I retrieve the object it's FK field returns to it's pre-saved value.

Model code

def do_transition(self, workflow_aware=None):
    ws = WorkflowState.objects.get(state=self.transition_to_state, workflow=workflow_aware.workflow)
    logging.debug("WorkflowState=%s" % ws)
    workflow_aware.current_state = ws
    activitycontent = workflow_aware.__class__.objects.get(

Trace log

- DEBUG - WorkflowState=ActivityContent_Workflow_Submitted
- INFO - programcreator.base.models                   save() 
- INFO - programcreator.groupflow.models              save() 
- DEBUG - ActivityContent_Workflow_Submitted
- DEBUG - ActivityContent_Workflow_Draft
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Fixed. A good question often answers itself. My super method was in the wrong conditional block :P – Drew Nichols Aug 12 '11 at 5:32
If you can post your answer and mark is as accepted it might help someone else with the same problem. – James Khoury Aug 12 '11 at 5:33

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