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I'm using facebook oauth for a cross site login function. In facebook they require me to config the domain of the app for secure reason,but I have 3 domains which will apply the program,while in facebook,I can only add one domain.

If the domain is not add in facebook,it will show an error says the redirect_uri is not allowed.

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Yes, the redirect URL does have to match the setting you've entered into facebook. I can think of two options.

  • Register 3 different apps with facebook? Now your 3 different domains also have 3 different app ids and app secrets.
  • Register 1 app with facebook. Have the authorize URL point to 1 domain, which is smart enough to redirect the user back to the correct domain.
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thanks.I thought about your solutions,If register 3 different apps,there will cause I have to ideitity user's access_token belongs to which app and make the next api call. If using a single domain to redirect ,it will cause 1 time unecessary redirection. – hanguofeng Aug 12 '11 at 7:23

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