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I've been using compass with blueprint for a while now and one thing I can't figure out is why it generates all the basic blueprint css classes. Like these:

#container .span-3 { width: 110px; }
#container .span-4 { width: 150px; }

I specify --using blueprint/semantic when creating the compass project, and no I don't have @include blueprint anywhere in my source. Why are these classes being generated and how do I get compass not to include them?

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I tried to reproduce your problem but I can't. Here's what I did and what I got:

compass create my_project --using blueprint/semantic

The generated screen.scss file seems to want you to @import "blueprint", as it contains the following lines initially:

// Import all the default blueprint modules so that we can access their mixins.
@import "blueprint";

The generated screen.css file does not contain .span-x anywhere, and the only place #container appears is in body.two-col #container {.

I modified the screen.scss file and recompiled. No change -- no non-semantic classes showed up in screen.css.

Hope this helps...

(Tested with Compass version 0.11.5, Ruby 1.8.7, FreeBSD 8.2)

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