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I find JGR (Java GUI for R) far better than the standard R Gui, but I would like to run it with Textmate, because of its project handling capabilities.

There's already a Textmate bundle for R, but I can't get it to run with JGR. (But then I know next to nothing about programming Textmate bundles...)

I tried replacing 'R' with 'JGR' in the 'run Selection in R' command:

# input is selection or document

if [[ ${#TM_DIRECTORY} -gt 0 ]]; then

osascript -e 'on run(theCode)' \
          -e 'tell application "R" to activate' \
          -e 'if (item 2 of theCode) is not "" then tell application "R" to cmd "setwd('\''" & (item 2 of theCode) & "'\'')"' \
          -e 'tell application "R" to cmd (item 1 of theCode)' \
          -e 'end run' -- "$rawText" "$curDir"

But with no luck, this results in the following error:

119:120: syntax error: Expected end of line, etc. but found """. (-2741)

Replacing R.app with R64.app in the same way works, though.

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