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I've just installed TMS Components for Delphi and in TAdvSmoothListBox I would like to customize colors for each item.

I am actually using the .ItemAppearance.Fill.Color but it fills all the items with the same color.

Can anyone suggest me how to set the colors for each item separately ?


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Try to set the TAdvSmoothListBox.DefaultDraw := False; and handle your item changes in the OnItemBkgDraw event. I can't help you more because I don't have TMS suite at this time and don't know the event handler. – user532231 Aug 12 '11 at 10:34

The event OnItemBkgDraw is definitely what you need to draw the background yourself.

But if I had to do this the background would never look really nice. So I would let somebody else do the drawing. Fortunately we can use the Fill.Fill method which will generate a nice background which is compatible with the current item appearance and the overall look of the component.

This is your OnItemBkgDraw handler:

uses AdvGDIP;

procedure TForm1.AdvSmoothListBox1ItemBkgDraw(Sender: TObject; Canvas: TCanvas; itemindex: Integer; itemRect: TRect;
  var defaultdraw: Boolean);
  g: TGPGraphics;
  ItemAppearance: TAdvSmoothListBoxItemAppearance;
  ir: TGPRectF;
 // Disable default background drawing behavior
 DefaultDraw:= False;

 // Create our own item appearance which will be responsible for drawing the background
 // Note: The class needs an TAdvSmoothListBox owner, but we can't use ourselves as we would trigger an
 //   infinite update cycle - use a dummy list instead (can be created dynamically or
 //   just put it on your form being invisible)
 ItemAppearance:= TAdvSmoothListBoxItemAppearance.Create(DummyOwner);
   // Get the current item appearance which we want to adjust a little

   // Set nice colors for current item (you can use the itemindex parameter to see which item is currently being painted)
   ItemAppearance.Fill.Color:= Random(High(TColor));
   ItemAppearance.Fill.ColorTo:= Random(High(TColor));

   // Now prepare the classes needed for drawing
   g := TGPGraphics.Create(Canvas.Handle);
   ir := MakeRect(itemrect.Left, itemrect.Top, itemrect.Right - itemrect.Left, itemrect.Bottom - itemrect.Top);
     // And here it paints
     ItemAppearance.Fill.Fill(g, ir);
 // Done
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+1 nice method! – Simon Aug 12 '11 at 20:56

I think Daemon_x is right here, i dont think you can do this with the properties/methods of the TAdvSmoothlistbox by default.

You can easily change fonts, images etc, but the background color needs to be done using the OnItemBkgDraw and/or the OnItemDraw events.

(as at version

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I'm sure it's the way how to customize each item, but I can't provide example because I don't know the event handler parameters. I'm pretty sure it will be adjustable by the event parameter. Soonest I will get to my D2009 on Sunday. For those who want to help earlier I'll remind that the TMS Smooth Controls suite is available for free at Embarcadero for D2009, D2010 and DXE users, but unfortunately without source code. – user532231 Aug 12 '11 at 11:40

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