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I'm trying to extend JSF's component class (let it be one of h:panelGroup) and render it via composite component:

Step 1:

public class CustomPanel extends HtmlPanelGroup { // or UIPanel

Step 2:

<!-- INTERFACE -->
<composite:interface componentType="customPanel"/>

  <h:outputText value="Some text:"/>

And step 3:

<xyz:panel>Hello world!</xyz:panel>

shows nothing. What am I missing here?

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The backing component of the composite component must implement NamingContainer and the getFamily() must return javax.faces.NamingContainer. See also description of the componentType attribute in the <composite:interface> tag documentation.

public class CustomPanel extends HtmlPanelGroup implements NamingContainer {

    public String getFamily() {
        return UINamingContainer.COMPONENT_FAMILY;


You can also choose to extend UINamingContainer instead, so that you can omit the getFamily().

See also:

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