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I'm trying to work out a graceful way of solving this problem. I have a long string in a variable with \brd separating some values (from another program) I need to get all text after the first instance of this delimiter.

ie $foo = 'alpha \brd bravo \brd charlie \brd delta \brd echo \brd';

and hopefully after explode/ preg_match or something similar I will have a resulting string like this

bravo \brd charlie \brd delta \brd echo \brd

The only way I know I could do this would be to use explode and loop through the array whilst adding the delimiter back in. This seems a little messy- hoping the more experienced might have a more elegant solution ?


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explode has a third parameter you can use:

list($before, $after) = explode($delim, $yourString, 2);
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well there you go... thats a super neat solution. I knew there had to be a better way. cheers –  chip Aug 12 '11 at 10:13

you can use the implode function to get your string back after you removed the first element of your array

[EDIT] leaving my answer to "remember" the implode function (as we can do in other language with .split() and .join()) but Yoshi's answer is far better and PHP-like

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