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I have two custom controls. The first one consists of a textbox and a popup/dropdown. The other consist of a expander and some content inside the expander.

Most of the time, I will display the second control inside the popup of the first.

The second control should have a hotkey for toggling the expander.

How can I make a keybinding in the second control in such a way that it will work even if the focus is inside the textbox of the first control?

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I think you cant, without some tricks. Easiest way is create a property, bind it to Expander.IsExpanded property, and change it in your Command. But your Command should be keybinded with the first control (or with it textbox). –  stukselbax Aug 12 '11 at 10:02

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I dont think Focus is always essential for KeyBindings to work... did u try setting the CommandTarget of the KeyBinding to your Expander control?

Something like below...

<KeyBinding Key="O" Modifiers="Control"
            CommandTarget="{x:Static localns:MyWindow.CustomControlInstance.Expander}" />

Let me know if this helps.

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