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I have a list with my employers project task list. When a user adds a new project to the list, I want to push some of the data the user entered into an external site (which is run by our parent company) to store in a separate project management system.

So my question is: Is there som way to post data (some or all fields) to a PHP-script on an external server?

I don't have any programming experience with SharePoint (or .NET in general), so if this is something that can be done with Workflows I would be very happy.

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As far as I'm aware there's no mechanism in SharePoint that would allow you to make a request to an external site when a list is updated.

Depending on how quickly the data added in to SharePoint needs to make its way in to the project management system, a polling solution may be your best bet.

Just create a PHP script that will pull the list from SharePoint and check for any changes (pushing them to your Project Management System is found), then setup a CRON job to run the script at given interval's (Hourly/daily etc depending on how quickly you need the changes to take effect)

Anyways, hope that helped somewhat :)

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Look into List event handlers, you can attach event handlers on list item updates/adds etc.

you will need a way to communicate with the php system (web service or database insert/update via c#/ code.

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