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I've written a simple order application that consists of a 1 page order-form containing a set of input fields and a submit button. The order form is loaded by invoking a URL (with data being passed via POST):


The input fields of the order-form are populated with the POST data and whilst the form is loading there some server side processing taking place e.g. retrieving data from a database. Once the page has loaded and the submit button is clicked further server side processing takes place to process the order and then a receipt page is displayed to the user.

I need a way to load test this simple process in order to ascertain the maximum throughput of the server.

Any tool suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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For this relatively easy way of load testing I would recommend JMeter.

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While jmeter is ok, it's really weak in the analytics and parameterization area. If you want something free but enterprise-class, I'd recommend CloudTest Lite from SOASTA. It gives you the fastest way to create realistic scenario on the market, real-time analytics (!) and best of all, it's free.

You can download it and give it a try here: http://www.soasta.com/cloudtest/lite/


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If you promote your product in an answer, you need to disclose your affiliation with the product in the answer as well. –  Tim Post Aug 16 '11 at 23:30

This would be a trivial test using our product, Web Performance Load Tester. You didn't mention a budget and our product is not free. However the free version will run 10 simultaneous users and if you reduce the think time, you can push a lot of transactions using the free version.

If you need something free, JMeter, Grinder and OpenSTA are popular options. You'll spend a lot more time learning the tools and setting up the tests.

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I ve wrote one very simple tool cause i didn't want to use any browser based tool. Biggest problem is i also wanted to stress test it locally, like hitting localhost. Maybe you will also find it useful:


It's free, open source (you can find it on github) and you can do whatever you want with it :)

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