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I'm using nutch-1.2 but not able to restrict my config file to crawl only given urls
my crawl-urlfilter.txt file is

    # Each non-comment, non-blank line contains a regular expression
    # prefixed by '+' or '-'. The first matching pattern in the file
    # determines whether a URL is included or ignored. If no pattern
    # matches, the URL is ignored.

    # skip file:, ftp:, & mailto: urls

    # skip image and other suffixes we can't yet parse

    # skip URLs containing certain characters as probable queries, etc.

    # skip URLs with slash-delimited segment that repeats 3+ times, to break loops

 # accept hosts in MY.DOMAIN.NAME


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I thought that I read somewhere, that this config is evaluated from top to bottom.

And since the


matches everything - nutch will ignore the further entries. My crawl-urlfilter.txt looks something like that at the bottom (in exactly that order) and is working pretty well:

# accept hosts in MY.DOMAIN.NAME

# skip everything else
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Thanks for quick response, i have tried ur suggestion but still its not working can i have to change any other config file. –  shizan Aug 12 '11 at 11:47

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