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I want to use a map of varying types on an unknown A:

val map: Map[Foo[A], Bar[A]] = ...
val foo = new Foo[Qux]
val bar: Bar[Qux] = map(foo)

This doesn't work, because A is an unknown. I have to define it instead as:

val map: Map[Foo[_], Bar[_]] = ...
val foo = new Foo[Qux]
val bar: Bar[Qux] = map(foo).asInstanceOf[Bar[Qux]]

This works, but the cast is ugly. I'd rather find a better way. I gather the answer is to use existential types with the forSome keyword, but I'm confused as to how that works. Should it be:

Map[Foo[A], Bar[A]] forSome { type A }


Map[Foo[A] forSome { type A }, Bar[A]]


Map[Foo[A forSome { type A }], Bar[A]]
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Actually, none of these work.

Map[Foo[A], Bar[A]] forSome { type A }

is a Map where all keys are of the same type Foo[A] and values of type Bar[A] (but the type A may be different for different maps of this type); in second and third examples, A in Bar[A] is completely different from A under forSome.

This ugly workaround should work:

// need type members, so can't use tuples
case class Pair[A, B](a: A, b: B) {
  type T1 = A
  type T2 = B

type PairedMap[P <: Pair[_, _]] = Map[P#T1, P#T2]

type FooBarPair[A] = Pair[Foo[A], Bar[A]]

val map: PairedMap[FooBarPair[_]] = ...
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Thanks... do you have any idea how to achieve what I'm after then? –  Marcus Downing Aug 12 '11 at 11:32
@Marcus Downing: See the edit –  Alexey Romanov Aug 12 '11 at 12:19
That is quite ugly. It never actually makes a FooBarPair, just uses the types derived from it? –  Marcus Downing Aug 12 '11 at 14:25
Yes, it's just defined for the type. No actual need to have a and b in Pair either. –  Alexey Romanov Aug 12 '11 at 14:46
I've just spotted that PairedMap and FooBarPair aren't real types, they're aliases. So the ... at the end can be assigned the same value it currently is? –  Marcus Downing Aug 12 '11 at 15:13

What about something like

def map[A]: Map[Foo[A], Bar[A]] = ...
val myMap = map[Qux]
val foo = new Foo[Qux]
val bar: Bar[Qux] = myMap(foo)

Or (inspired by Alexey Romanov's answer)

type MyMap[A] = Map[Foo[A],Bar[A]]
val map:MyMap[Qux] = ...
val foo = new Foo[Qux]
val bar: Bar[Qux] = map(foo)
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That's not right, because the type A shouldn't apply to the whole collection, only to a single pair. It isn't a Map[Foo[Qux], Bar[Qux]], it's a Map[Foo[_], Bar[_]] where any given Foo[Qux] will produce Bar[Qux]. –  Marcus Downing Aug 16 '11 at 7:10
Ah, I obviously missed that when I read the original question. –  Kristian Domagala Aug 16 '11 at 23:06

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