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I have created a few AUTOObjects using Delphi and its type library. It compiles without error, but when I tried to register it, Delphi froze, and doesn't return to normal. I have tried to register it in both Delphi 7 and 2006, but both get into the same problem. I tried to register a simple library in Delphi's demo, I am ruling out bad registry file,

There might be something wrong with my code, but I have no idea where, since it compiles well and I have not put any code in RegisterDLL.

Anyone had the same problem before?

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You have not provided enough information for anyone to help you.

Have a read of this http://support.microsoft.com/kb/555375 on how to ask a technical question, it's written for the Microsoft newsgroups, but has the same application here.

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Initialization sections of the units also get executed when registering a COM dll. Try registering outside of Delphi with tregsvr or regsvr32 and see if that works ok. You can also have those tools as a startup project and debug your dll while it gets registered.

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Cheers everyone. I solved the problem. The problem was in one of unit there was a initialization code creates threads, now I have removed it, the library registers fine. :)

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