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I've got a pretty simple issue here which I can't get to work.

SELECT * FROM pto_products WHERE blacklist IS NULL AND pzn LIKE '%$term%' OR name LIKE '%$term%'

Columns: blacklist is a MySql BOOL Field, TINYINT If the Record is blacklisted the value is set to 1 otherwise NULL

pzn is the Index and

INT name VARCHAR(255)

The Issue I have is that I allways receive all records including the blacklisted ones when I run this query. Does anyone know how I maybe need to group the conditions to achieve the needed result so the blacklisted records are excluded?

Thanks in advance!

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SELECT * FROM pto_products WHERE blacklist IS NULL AND (pzn LIKE '%$term%' OR name LIKE '%$term%')
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cheers, works like a charme now! –  Dave Aug 12 '11 at 10:49

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