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I have a jsp page in which i need to display a number in this format.

original number : 1234567890 Formatted number : 123-456-7890

How can we accomplish this using jstl fmt tag?

To be precise what should be the value of the pattern attribute?


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Are you trying to format like a phone number? –  cs94njw Aug 12 '11 at 12:29

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You can't. You need your custom tag to do that (it can still wrap NumberFormat). You can use

<fmt:formatNumber value=".." groupingUsed="true" />

To enable grouping, but the grouping separator will depend on the locale

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You can look into something like this for your tag library implementation. It's from NetUI library

<netui:span value="2125555555">
        <netui:formatString pattern="phone (###) ###-####"/>

javadoc , source

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