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hi I'm trying to get my multisites config working, and am struggeling at the 1st hurdle I want my sites.php to redirect requests to one of my two test sites folders. I can't seem to understand how to use this array?

as I'm using an Xampp install my requests look like this.

where sitename is my website project and would be locally known as

  • c:\xampp\htdocs\sitename

I want to implement a redirector something like

  • c:\xampp\htdocs\sitename\normal...
  • c:\xampp\htdocs\sitename\mobile...

using the sites.php example (shown here)

  • $sites = array(
  • '' => '',
  • 'localhost.example' => '',
  • );

I can't see how I can interpret my address. i.e.

into the sites.php files i.e.

  • $sites = array(
  • '' => 'mobile',
  • 'localhost' => 'normal',
  • );

thanks.. p.s. This is similar to my other recent question, but is different due to being about sites.php not drupal multifolder layout.

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I believe I've found the answer to this, and its to edit the hosts file on my windows installtion to cause a web address to redirect back to to be picked up by the local web server. then drupal site.php can use the new web name to effect its redirect.

I think it was one of those can't see the wood for the trees issues.

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