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I need to make sure my ado.net commands don't return more than 1000-5000 rows. Is there an ADO.NET way to do this, or is it just a TSQL?

I'm calling a stored procedure, I don't control the source code in that stored procedure. Hence I was hoping there was a ADO.NET way to do it.

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Are you calling via stored procedure or inline SQL? – James Apr 1 '09 at 3:25
via stored procedure, eg. new SqlCommand("myproc",myconnection) – MatthewMartin Apr 1 '09 at 3:35

Before LINQ this typically was always done using a top N clause in your inline query or stored proc. With LINQ there is some cool functions called "Take" and "Skip" which provides a construct for downloading and or skipping N number of rows. Under the hood LINQ figures out the details of how to construct the inline query that yields the exact number of rows you want off the top.


Since you're calling a stored procedure, I'd advise just using a TOP N clause in the select statement. This is path of least resistance and IMHO is the simplest to maintain going forward since you already have the stored procedure.

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