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How can I get the list of Oracle data source names and add them to a combobox so that I can choose whcich datasource to connect to? I need the program to read the contents of the TNS_NAMES.ora file and get the data source names. I can do a FileSearch but want the program to find the TNS_NAMES file itself like TOAD,PL/SQL developer and other Oracle managers do, as the program will be run on different computers and Oracle client might be installed into different folders.

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To get the datasource or any other information contained inside of the TNS_NAMES.ora file you must parse this file. So first read the Syntax Rules for this file from here and here, and then you can use the most common approach to parse these files, which is use regular expressions. Unfortunally the Delphi 2010 RTL doesn't include support for regular expressions. But you can use the PCRE library). from here you can use as guide these articles to write your own delphi implementation.

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Thanx bud. That helped a lot –  Mike JM Aug 13 '11 at 7:09
Regular Expressions is very wrong tool for parsing. –  Premature Optimization Aug 13 '11 at 19:13
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