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i've a problem to a set a different child index of a Movieclip. This is the code:

function processMusica():void

    var loadStatus:int=0
    var lastHeight:int=0

    for (var m=0; m < myXML.BLADE[sup].child("brano").length(); m++)
       var titolobrano:TextField=new TextField  

       titolobrano.addEventListener(MouseEvent.DOUBLE_CLICK, riproducibrano)

    if (isPlaying==false)
       var riproduzioneDetails:MovieClip=new MovieClip
       var artista:TextField=new TextField

    setChildIndex(bladearray[sup].contenitore.riproduzioneDetails, bladearray[sup].contenitore.numChildren-1) //<------ PROBLEM HERE!

I want to move "riproduzioneDetails" MC on foreground, but when i attempt to launch application, it give me this error: TypeError: Error #2007: Parameter child must be non-null

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I can see two potential problems, but it is hard to say because all the variables are not declared in your code. There may be a problem with your test condition:

if (isPlaying==false)

If "isPlaying" is true, your object "riproduzioneDetails" is never created, so of course it will be null. You have to create your object outside the "if" condition, before testing "isPlaying".

Another potential problem is the way you access your object, with "bladearray[sup].contenitore.riproduzioneDetails". As you used the "addChild" method to store your object, there should logically be a kind of "getChild" method. For instance,


... may be better.

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Ok, i removed the condition and wrote as you said setChildIndex(bladearray[sup].contenitore.getChildByName("riproduzioneDetails"),‌​bladearray[sup].contenitore.numChildren-1) but now it give me error ArgumentError: Error #2025: The supplied DisplayObject must be a child of the caller error - AS – Luca Aug 12 '11 at 13:54
Read carefuly the error :-) Here, you apply "setChildIndex" to the default "this" object, but "this" do not have "riproduzioneDetails". You have to apply your "setChildIndex" method on your "contenitore", as it is "contenitore" who owns "riproduzioneDetails". You will have to check, but I thinkg that if you write bladearray[sup].contenitore.setChildIndex(bladearray[sup].contenitore.getChildBy‌​Name("riproduzioneDetails"),‌​bladearray[sup].contenitore.numChildren-1) it should be better. – Vincent Hiribarren Aug 12 '11 at 17:28
ok just wrote what you said and... WORKS! I thought that setChildIndex don't need any parameter ahead it and it need all parameters inside brackets thanks EDIT: i just discovered that i can write bladearray[sup].contenitore.setChildIndex(riproduzioneDetails, bladearray[sup].contenitore.numChildren-1) too – Luca Aug 12 '11 at 17:47

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