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How do I merge 2 NSSets in objective-c ?

I can't find solution on google.

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This is fairly easy to spot among NSSet's methods:

- (NSSet *) setByAddingObjectsFromSet:(NSSet*) other;
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You can use this if you are merging two set.

    NSSet *mergedSet = [set setByAddingObjectsFromSet:set];

If you are merging array into set then you can use

    NSSet *mergedSet = [set setByAddingObjectsFromArray:array];
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If one of the sets is an NSMutableSet then you can use a union operation, like in the following example:

// Create / Get the sets
NSMutableSet *firstSet = [NSMutableSet setWithArray:@[@"1", @"2"]];
NSSet *secondSet = [NSSet setWithArray:@[@"3",@"4"]];

// Add missing values from the second set to the first set
[firstSet unionSet:secondSet];
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