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function loadXMLDocLogout() {

var xmlhttpLogOut;   
 xmlhttpLogOut=new XMLHttpRequest();
     if (xmlhttpLogOut.readyState==4 && xmlhttpLogOut.status==200)



The above code works perfectly despite of line xmlhttpLogOut.onreadystatechange=function() being commented!

Thanks for help in advance.

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The above code works perfectly

Of course it will, it is valid javascript code.

The if (xmlhttpLogOut.readyState==4 && xmlhttpLogOut.status==200) will fail and so


will be executed.

But does it produce the same result as the xmlhttpLogOut.onreadystatechange=function() not being commented? That is the element getting hidden (if it is already visible)? I doubt.

Did you try all possible test cases?

(To begin with, was the loadingDiv div hidden before the Ajax request was sent?)

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Thanks Nivas. Actually when the line xmlhttpLogOut.onreadystatechange=function() is uncommented, loadingDiv doesnt appear and thats the problem. BTW when i commented the same line everything worked fine! –  sandeep Aug 16 '11 at 7:26

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