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I'm trying to compile libharu for Android. In my jni folder I've:

  • /jni/lpng154/ with all sources and include files for libpng;
  • /jni/libharu-2.2.1/ whit all sources and include files for libharu

This is my (in /jni/ folder). libharu has dependencies with libpng so I've to compile libpng first.

LOCAL_PATH := $(call my-dir)

include $(CLEAR_VARS)

sources := png.c \
    pngerror.c \
    pngget.c \
    pngmem.c \
    pngpread.c \
    pngread.c \
    pngrio.c \
    pngrtran.c \
    pngrutil.c \
    pngset.c \
    pngtrans.c \
    pngwio.c \
    pngwrite.c \
    pngwtran.c \

LOCAL_MODULE     := png
LOCAL_LDLIBS     := -lz
LOCAL_SRC_FILES  := $(sources:%=lpng154/%)


Then for compiling libharu.

include $(CLEAR_VARS)

sources := hpdf_annotation.c \
    hpdf_array.c \
    hpdf_binary.c \
    hpdf_boolean.c \
    hpdf_catalog.c \
    hpdf_destination.c \
    hpdf_dict.c \
    hpdf_doc.c \
    hpdf_doc_png.c \
    hpdf_encoder.c \
    hpdf_encoder_cns.c \
    hpdf_encoder_cnt.c \
    hpdf_encoder_jp.c \
    hpdf_encoder_kr.c \
    hpdf_encrypt.c \
    hpdf_encryptdict.c \
    hpdf_error.c \
    hpdf_ext_gstate.c \
    hpdf_font.c \
    hpdf_font_cid.c \
    hpdf_fontdef_base14.c \
    hpdf_fontdef.c \
    hpdf_fontdef_cid.c \
    hpdf_fontdef_cns.c \
    hpdf_fontdef_cnt.c \
    hpdf_fontdef_jp.c \
    hpdf_fontdef_kr.c \
    hpdf_fontdef_tt.c \
    hpdf_fontdef_type1.c \
    hpdf_font_tt.c \
    hpdf_font_type1.c \
    hpdf_gstate.c \
    hpdf_image.c \
    hpdf_image_png.c \
    hpdf_info.c \
    hpdf_list.c \
    hpdf_mmgr.c \
    hpdf_name.c \
    hpdf_namedict.c \
    hpdf_null.c \
    hpdf_number.c \
    hpdf_objects.c \
    hpdf_outline.c \
    hpdf_page_label.c \
    hpdf_page_operator.c \
    hpdf_pages.c \
    hpdf_real.c \
    hpdf_streams.c \
    hpdf_string.c \
    hpdf_u3d.c \
    hpdf_utils.c \
    hpdf_xref.c \

    $(LOCAL_PATH)/lpng154 \
    $(LOCAL_PATH)/libharu-2.2.1/include \

LOCAL_LDLIBS    := -lz  -lm
LOCAL_MODULE    := haru
LOCAL_SRC_FILES := $(sources:%=libharu-2.2.1/src/%)



When i run ndk-buid the compiler stops when trying to compile the file *hpdf_image_png.c* following with many errors like those:

.../src/hpdf_image_png.c: In function 'ReadPngData_Interlaced':
.../src/hpdf_image_png.c:113: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
.../src/hpdf_image_png.c:118: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
.../src/hpdf_image_png.c:119: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
.../src/hpdf_image_png.c:129: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type

I guess ndk-build cannot find png.h may I help the compiler to find the header ?

If in my I add the flag:


before the two rows:

LOCAL_LDLIBS    := -lz  -lm
LOCAL_MODULE    := haru

and run ndk-build everithing compile fine...but I will miss the png embedding in libharu.

Thanks to all of you.

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3 Answers 3

There is a bug in libharu when compiling with libpng 1.5.

You can apply this patch:

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because you miss the file "pnglibconf.h",you can find it in the lpng/scripts/pnglibconf.h.prebuilt, just rename the pnglibconf.h.prebuilt as pnglibconf.h,then add to the folder lpng. you also need modify the file:hpdf_image_png.c, add this line:#include pnginfo.h after #include png.h. that's all, I believe you can success.

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I use the answer from jimtoner. It almost right. But in my situation(lpng 1.6.3), I also need to modify the file:hpdf_image_png.c, add #include after #include . And it succeeds!

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