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I have a user control where if a certain action is performed I want to redirect to the page the user was on with some additional query string parameters.

So, if UserControl.ascx was on Home.aspx, I want to redirect to Home.aspx?action=true, and if UserControl.ascx was on Profile.aspx, I want to redirect to Profile.aspx?action=true

So basically, in my UserControl.ascx.cs I want to get the URL of the Parent Page. How can I get it?

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You can look at the Request.Url, Request.RawUrl, Request.FilePath, and some of the other similar properties of the Request object - depending on how you're using this.

This will give you the requested URL from the browser, which will in turn tell you which page your control is living on.

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Request.Url brings back a System.Uri - on MSDN here –  Matthew Nov 24 '11 at 16:27

You still have access to the request object from the user control, so do something like this:

string currentUrl = Request.Url.AbsoluteUri.ToString();
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Request.UrlReferrer will get you the URL of the previous page... usually. There are some situations where it could be empty:

  • links clicked from an email message
  • shortcuts saved to a desktop
  • spoofed URLs
  • perhaps some settings or browsers
  • probably other scenarios as well

As long as your code "plays nicely" when UrlReferrer is empty or invalid, you should be good to go.

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