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I am mostly happy with the LargeFile plugin, but have recently had a need to selectively disable it for a specific filetype. The LargeFile plugin disables the FileType event; and the filetype in question is determined from the file contents, not the file extension, so I need to use the BufReadPost event like so:

au BufReadPost * if &ft == "myfiletype" | let g:LargeFile=100 | endif

But setting g:LargeFile has no effect there. I also tried calling the Unlarge command with no effect. How can I disable the LargeFile plugin or modify its settings based on the filetype?

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Your auto-command does not work because at the moment of its execution filetype of the current buffer is not detected yet. If target filetype can be deducted from the filename, use auto-command pattern instead of filetype testing. Here it is an example for C files.

autocmd BufRead *.c Unlarge

If filename-pattern detection is not sufficient, trigger filetype detection first.

autocmd BufRead *.c if !did_filetype() | filetype detect | endif |
\   if &ft is# 'c' | Unlarge | endif
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