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I need help setting the X and Y axes title inside Excel 2007 VBA. It keeps complaining about "Object required":

Sub macro2()

Dim xAxis As Axis

icount = 1

Charts(icount).Name = iskewplane & "deg Skew Plane"

Set xAxis = Charts(icount).Axes(xlCategory)
With xAxis
    .AxisTitle.Text = "Theta (deg)"
End With

Is there something wrong in my code? I tried recording the macro during setting the axis title name, but the macro is blank during the name setting.

Any help is appreciated

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You should use Option Explicit because iCount wasn't defined and iskewplane wasn't either.

Here is the right code:

Sub mac()
    Dim xAxis As Axis
    Dim iCount As Integer
    iCount = 1
     Charts(iCount).Name = "deg Skew Plane"

    Set xAxis = Charts(iCount).Axes(xlCategory)
    With xAxis
        .HasTitle = True
        .AxisTitle.Caption = "Theta (deg)"
    End With
End Sub
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.HasTitle = True That was what I was missing, thanks! I have the .HasTitle=True further down in the code, but it needs one before I can set it. Duh. –  Dominic Aug 12 '11 at 14:39

You first have to create the AxisTitle object - an axis doesn't automatically have one. This is done by setting Axis.HasTitle = True - a slightly unusual method.

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