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I'm using NHibernate in a project where I need to access to different types of databases using DSNs. I configure NHibernate to use the following parameters:

connection.probider: DriverConnectionProvider

dialect: GenericDialect

connection.driver_class: OdbcDriver

The connection string I pass it contains the DSN with a UID and password. Now most of the times the database used is either a MS-SQL database or an ASA 9.0 database.

Everything works fine, but when I connect to an ASA 9.0 database, I get a new icon on the Windows Taskbar (like if there was a new Windows application opening) that comes and goes whenever there is an exchange with the database.

This icon has the name MyDatabase - Adaptative Server Anywhere - 9.0.x.y, where MyDatabase is the name of my database and x.y are version numbers I don't remember.

Does someone know if and how I can prevent those?

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