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I'm using option group-style choices for a django form field, like this:

    ('Audio', (
            ('vinyl', 'Vinyl'),
            ('cd', 'CD'),
    ('Video', (
            ('vhs', 'VHS Tape'),
            ('dvd', 'DVD'),
    ('unknown', 'Unknown'),

This works fine so long as the widget I am using is the default forms.widgets.Select. However, when I try to use forms.widget.SelectMultiple I get the following error message:

Select a valid choice. [u'vhs', u'dvd'] is not one of the available choices.
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Changing the widget doesn't change the type of data accepted by a field. A normal ChoiceField still only expects a single value. If you want to accept more than one value, you need to use MultipleChoiceField.

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D'oh. Of course. –  Jordan Reiter Aug 12 '11 at 16:11

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