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How to clone ArrayList and also clone its contents?

trying to make a copy of an ArrayList. The underlying object is simple containing on Strings, ints, BigDecimals, Dates and DateTime object. How can I ensure that the modifications made to new ArrayList are not reflected in the old ArrayList?

Person morts = new Person("whateva");

List<Person> oldList = new ArrayList<Person>();

List<Person> newList = new ArrayList<Person>();


System.out.println("oldName : " + oldList.get(0).getName());
System.out.println("newName : " + newList.get(0).getName());

Cheers, P

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Java is pass by reference. So initially you have the "same" object reference in both the lists...You'll need to use the clone() method. AFAIK you'll have to call it on each item separately –  PhD Aug 12 '11 at 15:14

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Cloning the objects before adding them. For example, instead of newList.addAll(oldList);

for(Person p : oldList) {

Assuming clone is correctly overriden inPerson.

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public class Person{

    String s;
    Date d;

    public Person clone(){
        Person p = new Person();
        p.s = this.s.clone();
        p.d = this.d.clone();
        return p;

In your executing code:

ArrayList<Person> clone = new ArrayList<Person>();
for(Person p : originalList)
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You can't clone a primitive data type!! (String s) –  Wulf Jun 12 '13 at 4:33
@Wulf String isn't a primitive data type in Java –  ataulm Aug 2 '13 at 15:10

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