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Is there a setting to change it so ReSharper leaves my line endings alone? Nothing is jumping out at me.

Explanation of how I verified it below...

It looks like when I use ReSharper and do a complete code cleanup, it will change my line endings to CRLF, regardless of what they were before.

I've proven this to myself by having a file open in VS2010, doing File -> Advanced Save Options and changing line style to Unix (LF)

In Notepad++ I turn on viewing line endings and see only LF at the end of the lines.

Then, I do a ReSharper code cleanup, and CRLF shows up everywhere.

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Please file a bug report at youtrack.jetbrains.net – Dmitry Osinovskiy Aug 15 '11 at 14:24

CRLF line ending is hard-coded in ReSharper since version 1.0.

The main reason for this - VS running under Windows, where CRLF ending is standard. Your project must have been very special to not use Windows defaults for text files

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Nope, it's not so special :) We just interact with devs on OSX and Linux and I'd like everywhere to have the same line endings. Certain operations produce mixed EOL, and I happened to find ReSharper is one of them. I think they're addressing it in ReSharper 7.0 if I read that ticket right so it's all good. – CubanX Jul 7 '12 at 13:35

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