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What's the difference between a proc and a lambda in Ruby?

When run this Ruby code:

def func_one
    proc_new = {return "123"}
    return "456"

def func_two
    lambda_new = lambda {return "123"}
    return "456"

puts "The result of running func_one is " + func_one
puts ""
puts "The result of running func_two is " + func_two

The result that I get is as follows:

The result of running func_one is 123

The result of running func_two is 456

As for func_two, where is the the value of the first return, that is, 123?


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This is one of the main differences between Procs and lambdas.

A return in a Proc returns from its enclosing block/method, while a return in a lambda simply returns from the lambda. When you call the lambda inside the func_two, it simply returns its value in place, which is not saved.

Read on Procs v. lambdas here:

See duplicate SO question: Why does explicit return make a difference in a Proc?


To further illustrate this difference, swap func_one and func_two for blocks and see what happens:

> begin; lambda { return 1 }.call end
> begin; { return 1 }.call end
LocalJumpError: unexpected return
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In the proc, the return "123" is bubbling up and returning from the outer function, func_one. Therefore the second return statement is never encountered.

In the lambda, the return "123" is returning only from the lambda. You're not setting an variable to the return value of the lambda (when you do, so the value is basically just thrown out. Then, the return "456" is called and returns from the function. If, instead of returning "456", you returned, the return value of func_two would be "123".

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123 is a value of statement, but it is not used and not shows up.

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