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Can anyone tell me if its possible (if some utility exists??) to create scaffolding taking into consideration MVVM with WPF.

My idea here is i seem to have a lot fo data access forms, and of course i would like to Customize them but initially i would like a quick way of providing the form i.e. ALL controls placed on them and Binded to the mvvm ??

Maybe I am asking a lot?

Basically the forms would be created automatically for me and later i could go in a customize them and move them around but initially they just would work.

Scaffolding - I am stealing the term from web development but i presume it still exists here in wpf?

Any ideas?

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There is a product from a company named DevExpress. They have exactly the product you are describing. See a video of the product here

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Scaffolding is a way to automatically generate UIs for each table in the database. It lets you create a functional UI for viewing and editing data based on the schema of the data. Here are a couple of resources for WPF scaffolding.

There is a WPF scaffolding article on the Code Project website: WPF CRUD Generator (Scaffolding)

There is also a Codeplex project that could be helpful: WPF Scaffolder


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Thanks.. that will come in handy.. i also found this http://karlshifflett.wordpress.com/xaml-power-toys/ which allows you to hook up the forms from models..

Thanks once again

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I'm not sure of anything to help with the views, but this tool is supposed to help with view models. I've never used it so can't vouch for how effective it is.

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