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I have been suffering from severe RSI on my hands and wrists and as a full-time Java programmer, and this is becoming a risk to my livelihood. I use Dragon Dictate for the Mac, which does quite a good job of writing English, but speaking to it in Java is very cumbersome due to the cryptic nature of programming languages. Navigating the code is also tricky and can be rather exhausting.

I currently use the Eclipse IDE but haven't found any plug-ins to help in this regard. from what I have read in other posts in this forum (for example, Voice recognition software for developers, and Can i write sql using speech recognition), the approach I should take should be to give Dragon Dictate a custom vocabulary consisting of Java keywords, and to create a number of custom voice triggered commands that correspond to existing shortcut keys (e.g., "navigate to superclass") or sequences of actions that I perform on a routine basis using AppleScript ( e.g., “commit to SVN").

I could just go ahead and implement this (with some difficulty due to physical limitations) but cant help feeling that I would be reinventing the wheel. I mean, surely RSI must be a relatively common problem among programmers, and I would have expected that there might be a plug-in or even, an IDE, that facilitates coding by voice and also associated tasks (for example, debugging the program by stepping through it etc.) I just don't seem to find this anywhere.

If anybody has any suggestions about the Java IDE that I could use (I don't need to use Eclipse obviously) I'll be very interested to hear them.

Alternatively, if anybody uses Dragon Dictate for the Mac and has a command set for Eclipse or another Java IDE that they are willing to share with me, that would also be a great help.

Thanks, Ixent

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This is an excellent question and it's something I have been wondering about myself for some time. To my knowledge there is currently no such plugin for Eclipse. There have been several proposals such as SpeechClipse (cis.uab.edu/softcom/eclipse/SpeechClipse/UAB-SpeechClipse.pdf) and SPEED ("SPEech EDitor, cs.berkeley.edu/~harmonia/harmonia/research/slssd/index.html), but none of them are currently on the Eclipse Marketplace. I sincerely hope they can add that sort of functionality to the Eclipse IDE very soon. –  derstrom8 Mar 17 at 0:14
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I work with clients who have DNS. I have created for them scripts for their own work environment. I have experience with DNS and the fustrations which it can cause to navigate.

You are probably right, there might be others like you. But how do you bring them together. It might be best to start a user community. Depending on your contacts, you probably could get funding for leading such a community.

How to Start a Support Group

American Self-Help Group Clearinghouse

There is another article you might be interested in reading.

Good luck

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