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I have this class:

namespace MyFirm\PlatformBundle\Entity\Destination\Content;

class Event extends Content         //this is line 18

I'm trying to generate its skeleton test class through this:

$ phpunit --skeleton-test "MyFirm\PlatformBundle\Entity\Destination\Content\Event" Event.php

but I'm getting this error:

PHP Fatal error:  Class 'MyFirm\PlatformBundle\Entity\Destination\Content\Content' not found in /home/me/mf/myfirm/src/MyFirm/PlatformBundle/Entity/Destination/Content/Event.php on line 18

This is the Content class:

namespace MyFirm\PlatformBundle\Entity\Destination\Content;

abstract class Content

I didn't have any problem to generate first the skeleton test class for the Content class.

Any idea?

php 5.3/phpunit 3.5

tags: inheritance

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As long as you don't make the phpunit command to resolve your classnames to actual files that can be auto-loaded, this won't work because in the moment the file is loaded to create the skeleton, MyFirm\PlatformBundle\Entity\Destination\Content\Content is not declared.

Add your projects autoloader to a bootstrap file and build the skeleton files with phpunit having this bootstrap file enabled. Then you won't get this fatal error any longer as PHP is able to find the declaration of MyFirm\PlatformBundle\Entity\Destination\Content\Content as well.

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