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I still haven`t found any example of sorting implementation through paging in ASP.NET MVC
(sort by name->press page 2->page 2 is still sorted by name).

I could "hack" it, make it dirty, but i`m sure there have to be good "how-to" guides for this.

What about sorting by two columns?

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Just keep the sort expression in your model view and write it to the pagination route links.
For example like:


Or with custom routing like:


For the latter the route mapping would look like:

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If i remember correct - thing that confused me was that my views "had to know about", as i thought - database structure. You know - sort expressions kind a maps with column names. Funny. It's always nice to find out how dumb i was. –  Arnis L. Dec 6 '09 at 0:50

I do it exactly the way aleris does except I use a enum field on my model for the sort values, this way it will fall back on the default if they enter a sort paremeter that doesn't exist.

public enum SortArticle

public enum SortOrder

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These answers made me just a little bit less confused. Still can`t visualize this A-Z. I`ll try to create a small example project for myself. If that will be success, Aleris will get my "accepted answer". :) –  Arnis L. Apr 1 '09 at 12:37

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