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I do a for loop in CFSCRIPT. I am looping through a query and dropping the fields into a table cell via a UDF (that's what the wrapCell() is).

for(i = 1; i lte GetUsers.RecordCount; i++) {
Cells = Cells & wrapCell("#GetUsers.FirstName[i]# #GetUsers.LastName[i]#");
Cells = Cells & wrapCell(lcase(GetUsers.Email[i]));
Cells = Cells & wrapCell(getYesNo(GetUsers.Active[i]));

Each time I need to reference a field I have to write this:


Id' really like to be able to reference this stuff as like this:


Is there a way to change the reference before the output row so that it takes up less space? For example, can I do something like this:

ThisRow = GetUsersStructure.RowInfo[i];
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I'm not aware of any native method that would allow you to do this when using <cfscript>, but you could create another convenience method to do it. For example

public struct function getByRow( query q, numeric index ){
  return {
       firstname = q.firstname[index],
       lastname = q.lastname[index],
       email =[index],
       active =[index]


You could even take it another step further and have the method loop through q.columnlist to make it generic for re-use.

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You can. It'll add overhead.

Convert your row or whole query to a struct.

Then throw the results into the local scope.

StructAppend( local , QueryToStruct( GetUsers, i ) );

If you're on CF9/railo, then you can access them simply by column name. (I haven't tested this.)

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Who is this Ben Nadel guy? Doesn't he have anything to do but to write helpful tutorials? Yeah, I think this is exaclty what I was looking for. I'll implement it and let you know. Thanks! – Evik James Aug 12 '11 at 22:35

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