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I want to create a very simple html editor (not WYSIWYG) based on jQuery.

My question is how can I make textarea or div possible to

  • write some text on it
  • then style i.e tags ( <strong>some stuff</strong> change <strong> color to blue for example)

I don't ask how to use regular expression and how to manipulate DOM later becouse it's my own problem to solve :D Just how to make "playgroud" for it ;)

When I use textarea it's hmm ( impossible? ) to style stuff inside, but also when I use div... hmm I can just write on div :D So how can I link textarea behaviour on div?

EDIT Here is something similar : http://codemirror.net/mode/xml/index.html

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Check out this quick fiddle to show how you could do this possibly.

   var text = $(this).val();


this is your html

<textarea id="edit">

<div id="preview"></div>

and your css

#preview{ width:100%; background-color:#eee; padding:20px}

#preview strong{color:blue;}
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Thanks about it, but I ask not for WYSIWYG. I also don't want preview... –  Mr Sooul Aug 12 '11 at 19:00

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