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I put together a nested unordered list in a helper method using a string. The code is okay, but I'd prefer to use the content tag method if possible. Here's what I have:

def show_element_content(element_types, site)
  last = get_element_type_name(element_types.first.name)
  output = "<li>#{last}<ul>"
  if last.nil?
    raise "ElementReturnedNullException - this shouldn't happen."
    element_types.each do |ele|
      if last != get_element_type_name(ele.name)
        last = get_element_type_name(ele.name)
        output << "</ul></li><li>#{last}<ul>"
      output << "<li>#{link_to get_element_content(ele.name), site_element_type_path(site, ele.name)}</li>"
    output << "</ul></li>"

def get_element_type_name(ele)
  ele.split(" ")[0]

def get_element_content(ele)
  words = ele.split(" ")
  words[1..words.size].join(" ")

The first method is the one i output in the view. Here's what it does:

It splits each element_type by spaces, as there's a sort of category name persay in each one as the first word. Such as City, State or Franchise. Those words are in the higher up LI tags. Like so:


Then it loops through each element type, appending each one as a nested list. When the first word changes, it closes that nested list and li tag, to create a new one. The rendered html looks like this:

      <li>CTA 1</li>
      <li>P1 S1</li>
      <li>P1 S2</li>

How can I do this using content_tag since i open and close the tags based on various conditions? I know it kind of makes sense to categorize these in another model, but to just do that for the presentation layer I think would be overkill.

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Why are you using a helper for this? It seems like a partial would be a more maintainable and direct way of doing this. –  coreyward Aug 12 '11 at 19:06
Well a partial would split up the logic a bit, but I don't think it would lift away the logic or simplify it. I think that would lead to putting more logic into the view. Instead of the element_types.each in the else condition, i could pass that collection in and loop through it in the partial, but then i still have that logic there. –  agmcleod Aug 12 '11 at 19:51

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