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I have written a gem with an install generator. I would like to use this generator to add routes to the config/routes.rb file, much in the same way as the devise gem does by adding devise_for :model_name. Therefore, I need to know how to:

Make a method (like devise_for) available within the scope of routes?

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Ok I've figured it out. To add to the routes file you can use the method route in the generator. I have accomplished this by adding the following to my install_generator.rb file:

def setup_routes

Note that I am in fact calling a method, which can be added to the scope of routes by defining it in the following namespace:

module ActionDispatch::Routing
  class Mapper
    def add_gem_routes
      #routing code...
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was just answering! well, +1 :) –  apneadiving Aug 12 '11 at 20:09

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