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I'm new to Nutch and not really sure what is going on here. I run nutch and it crawl my website, but it seems to ignore URLs that contain query strings. I've commented out the filter in the crawl-urlfilter.txt page so it look like this now:

# skip urls with these characters

#skip urls with slash delimited segment that repeats 3+ times

So, i think i've effectively removed any filter so I'm telling nutch to accept all urls it finds on my website.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Or is this a bug in nutch 1.2? Should i upgrade to 1.3 and will this fix this issue i am having? OR am i doing something wrong?

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See my previous question here Adding URL parameter to Nutch/Solr index and search results

The first 'Edit' should answer your question.

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By default, crawlers shouldn't crawl links with query strings to avoid spams and fake search engines.

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