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I'm having problems with append() in ie. I checked most solutions but they did not work. IE is giving me the jQuery error at qObject.append(createSurveyXmlAnswer(aID));

Why does this happen and are there any solutions?

function createSurveyXmlAnswer(aID){
    var xmlString =  "<answer id = '" + aID + "'>";
    return xmlString;
function getAnswer(){
    var aID;
    var qID = parseInt($(document.getElementById("screenView").childNodes[0]).attr("id"));  
    var qType = ($(document.getElementById("screenView").childNodes[0]).attr("class"));  
    var qObject = $("<question id = "+qID+">");
    if(qType.toLowerCase() == "singleselect"){
        aID = singleSelectedSelection(qID);
        setAnswer(aID, qID, qObject);


I'm using this to build a jQuery object > xml doc. qID, qType are form attributes, aID is the input value. The form was created on the fly.

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why are you using document.getElementById(id) instead of $(selector) when you're using jquery? seems messy! –  David Wick Aug 12 '11 at 20:17
Don't remember, must be having problems using jquery at first so it became a temporary solution. : ) –  Wenn Aug 12 '11 at 20:19
What are "most solutions" and in what way did they "not work"? –  Lightness Races in Orbit Aug 12 '11 at 20:20
Trying creating the answer objects with double quotes (i.e. creating the string <answer id = "aID"> use xmlString = '<answer id = "' + aID + '">'; –  configurator Aug 12 '11 at 20:20
And what is "the jQuery error"? Can you present a reproducible testcase so that we can debug? We know none of your inputs. –  Lightness Races in Orbit Aug 12 '11 at 20:21

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jQuery doesn't parse XML; http://api.jquery.com/jQuery/

Straight from the docs:

A string of HTML to create on the fly. Note that this parses HTML, not XML.

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I'm using a parser to parse the xml, this code is use to build the jquery object that would be parsed later. That code works as well as with this one on ff, chrome, opera, safari.. just not with ie. –  Wenn Aug 12 '11 at 20:23
@Wenn: So some browsers let you get away with it. That doesn't help you with IE, and it doesn't make the code any less incorrect. –  Lightness Races in Orbit Aug 12 '11 at 20:25
@Wenn $() expects an HTML string. It doesn't guarantee any correct behavior at all if you put anything other than HTML. –  Paulpro Aug 12 '11 at 20:25

Why does this happen

question and answer are not HTML tags.

are there any solutions?

Use HTML tags instead.

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I see now.. will try a different approach, thanks. –  Wenn Aug 12 '11 at 20:37
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I used javascript xml dom instead of jQuery, more coding but it works on IE.

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