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I have a web page which contains a JavaScript variable called "myVariable".

Within this web page is an iframe which points to a second web page.

Both pages are within the same domain.

The page within the iframe needs to access "myVariable" which is defined in the parent web page.

I have successfully accessed this variable with Firefox using the following code:


However, this does not work in Internet Explorer.....

How do I do this in Internet Explorer?

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Yay! I needed to know this as well, thanks a bunch. –  Nicholas Flynt Apr 20 '09 at 5:38

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If both pages are from the same domain (like you say), window.top or window.parent should work to get to the parent frame.

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Yep - just discovered window.yop myself - thought it was IE only, but firefox supports it as well so I've been able to remove branching code too. Thanks for your help. –  iasksillyquestions Apr 1 '09 at 9:10

Firefox 26.0, Internet Explorer 11, Chrome 32.0:


window.top.document.myVariable did NOT work.

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