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I've seen calls to functions like


But I can't replicate that to a path I've added


match 'proposals/:id/forkIt', :to => 'proposals#forkIt

And have forkIt_proposal_path(proposal)

So, i wanted to know, how do I achieve that.

P.S.: I'm noob to Ruby, sorry.

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You haven't set the route name. This should do the trick:

match 'proposals/:id/forkIt', :to => 'proposals#forkIt', :as => 'forkIt_proposal'

Or slightly more succinct:

match 'proposals/:id/forkIt' => 'proposals#forkIt', :as => 'forkIt_proposal'
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Don't forget to also use the , :via => [:get] to limit the verbs that you expect (may not want a :delete call on this route) – jeffreypriebe Nov 3 '12 at 22:35

you should have a look to (section 2.9 "adding more restful actions".)

not sure of what i say (im a noob too) but i think that path helpers are only created when you declare restful routes with resources() (in your case, add an action on member)

Edit: actually, the guide do state that path helpers are created doing this.

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