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Someone help me out. I have 2 Iframes and one container.aspx page

1) container.aspx page has links for other two frames in it.

2) Both frames src pages have a associated code behind file with it i.e. something.aspx.cs page

how do I pass multiple variables between the two contained frames using the code behind file. I know how to do this in javascript but my requirement is in

Can someone guide me. and help appreciatd

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I think the only way of doing this is use the ASP.NET session object

Unless you have a database you can write to. Then you can share the values through the database

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No I dont have a database to share the values..but i can surely try using the session it possible to trigger a reload/refresh the page or receiving iFrame when a the session variable is changed. – Karan Aug 12 '11 at 23:24
you cant trigger an execute on the other page without notifying it, (i guess auto refreshing every x second is not what you want). so when page 1 changes a session value, you have to notify the other page to refresh with javascript. – Martin Aug 12 '11 at 23:31
is it possible for you to show me a sample trigger/notification function for this.. – Karan Aug 12 '11 at 23:36

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