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I type this command in Vim:

:nmap <CR> <C-]>

Then I want to copy this line and put it into my .vimrc How can i select and copy the whole line in commandline mode ?


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if you have already executed you can type q: and open a buffer with the commands, so you can copy them there as usual. – Eric Fortis Aug 13 '11 at 0:41
This would have been the answer for me :-) – Tobias Jan 15 '14 at 15:02
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The fastest way is to run the command, switch to the destination buffer (with .vimrc loaded, in this case) and paste the whole command from the : register by typing


in Normal mode.

If the command is far back in time, one can first recall it from history (typing the first few letters and pressing Up, for example), rerun and then use the above method.

When these shortcuts are unhandy, one can resort to a general approach using the command-line window (see :help cmdwin). To open it either type q: in Normal mode, or press the key combination specified by cedit option (Ctrl+F, by default) in Command-line mode.

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You can type Ctrl-F while in command mode to open up a special window with all previous commands. Then you can scroll to the desired line, hit yy to copy that line, then press Ctrl-C to return to command mode, and then ESC to return to normal mode. From there you can paste.

See :help cmdwin for more information on the command window.

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