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I recently became interested in Minecraft modding, so I downloaded MCP (Minecraft Coder Pack) and Eclipse. After running decompile.bat, I opened Eclipse using the workspace provided by MCP. At first I was given a list of errors related to missing libraries, but I easily fixed that by fixing their paths. Then I continued following the video tutorial I was using and pressed "Run" and selected "Client" as the project to run. Eclipse gave me the following error:

Must specify a URI scheme:MCP_LOC/jars

I have been Googling this for the past 20 minutes with no success. What is wrong, and how do I fix it?

I can probably still program mods for Minecraft and even recompile them with MCP, but it will be difficult to test them. Does anyone know what's wrong?

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Try This vid for 1.7.3 Its a nice little series about minecraft modding.

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Wow, thanks! And here I thought this topic died long ago without a single answer. –  PiMaster Sep 5 '11 at 20:14

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