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to save some variables of my apps I use:

-(void)applicationWillTerminate:(UIApplication *)application {

NSUserDefaults *prefs = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults];
[prefs setFloat: self.viewController.sLabel.contentOffset.y forKey:@"floatKey"];	
[prefs setObject:self.viewController.newText forKey:@"stringVal"];
[prefs synchronize];


and to retrieve them, via a button, I do the following:

-(IBAction) riprendi:(id) sender {

NSUserDefaults *prefs = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults];	
float myFloat = [prefs floatForKey:@"floatKey"];

//some actions here


Everything is working on the simulator. However, using it on a real iPhone, the variables' saving and retrieving works just if you press the Home button, exiting the app and opening again but NOT if you switch off/on the iPhone. In this case, the variables get simply lost once you re-open the app...

What am I missing?? This is actually driving me crazy :(

Thank you so much ;) Fabio

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Are you saying that A) turning the phone off while your app is running seems to cause the problem, or B) turning the phone off, even after you've closed the app, causes the prefs to disappear? – Clint Harris Apr 2 '09 at 15:59

If you mean hitting the lock button on the top of the phone by saying "switching on/off", then it won't work, because locking the phone does not cause an application to quit. Your applicationWillTerminate: method is only called when you exit you're application to the home screen or to some other application. When the user presses the Sleep button, applicationWillResignActive: will be send to your application-delegate.

Apple's iPhone OS Programming Guide has a section on handling interruptions.

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According to Apple's documentation

"NSUserDefaults caches the information to avoid having to open the user’s defaults database each time you need a default value."

If you want to make sure things are saved you should call "synchronize" on your prefs.

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