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I'm new in AS3. I have 15 sounds in my fla; I imported them to the library and exported all sounds with the name s1, s2, s3, ... s15

I created a function that recieve the number and then play the sound.

In AS2 I could use eval like eval("s" + n), but in AS3 I can't!

My AS3 code is:

function PlaySound(Num:Number=NaN) {
    var mySound:Sound = new ["s"+Num]();;

Obviously I'm getting an error!

Someone could help me?

Best, Flávio

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The equivalent AS3 code would be:

var soundClass:Class = getDefinitionByName("s" + Num) as Class;
var mySound:Sound = new soundClass(); 
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lukevanin, thanks a lot, works!!!! – Flávio Leal Aug 13 '11 at 4:06

Put these sound objects in an array, say arr["s1"]=s1 ,arr["s2"]=s2 and so on,( yes in AS3 an array is actually a hashmap.)

Once that is done, its a piewalk, whenever you receive the number (Num) do this

function PlaySound(Num:Number=NaN) {
  var mySound:Sound = arr["s"+Num];;
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